Wine bar resolutions

Wine Bar Biz Resolutions

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Are you the kind of person who sets resolutions each year?

I am. In fact, every year I spend a couple days looking back over the previous year in a sort of “annual review” and then set future goals for the coming year. More than anything else, this process has helped me reach higher goals and continue to improve.  By sifting through my priorities and attempting to distill down all my big, bubbling ideas for the future I gain a lot of clarity and direction. This helps me keep things going when the going gets tough.

What will you focus on in 2014?

When it comes to starting your own business, you know there’s not a lot of separation between your personal life and your career. Spending time to plan ahead and set big goals for yourself is one of the most important steps to getting from a dream to a successful owner. If you’re not sure where to get started, I’d recommend Chris Guillebeau’s Annual Review.  This is a phenomenal resource to help you dig deep and gain insight into all the things you hope to accomplish (on both a personal and professional level). He’s even got a helpful spreadsheet to get you started.

How are you going to grow this year?

As a personal challenge, you might want to share this with everyone and everyone you know! Post it on your Facebook page or include it in your next email to your mailing list. It’s one more opportunity for you to share the story of your business and build deeper connections with customers. We talked about how valuable this can be to your bottom line in our last blog post here.

As a food wine bar and small business fan, I love these little glimpses into the story behind my favorite wines and the people who make it all happen.

And you never know who’s listening. The help you need—the catering partner, the reliable wine bar manager, the festival promoter—may be in your audience already.

Give it a try – that’s what 2014 should be all about!

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