If you’re a geek or just getting started in the wine game, look out for posts from this tech entrepreneur turned wine enthusiast. She’ll be touching on all the basics and explaining them in terms real people can understand. Her policy – approachable with zero snobbery – just the way it should be.

When she’s not learning all about wine, you can find her hiking throughout the world, creating new websites, and talking about nutrition & health.


Many drinkers, both seasoned and novice, are seemingly unfamiliar with the Grenache Blanc.  The grape originated in Spain, from where it spread to France. More recently, it has made its way to the Central Coast of California.

Lauren’s trajectory is similar to that of the Grenache Blanc.  She is also of Eastern roots, born and raised in Boston, MA. Lauren spent extensive time in Spain, honing her Spanish skills and sipping vino blanco y vino tinto.  She also traveled through Southern France, drinking some fabulous Bordeaux wines… though not making much progress with the French language.  After one Boston winter too many, Lauren decided to move to the Central Coast of California to pursue a career in the wine industry (and an abundance of sunshine).

Wine Notes:

Reminiscent of a Grand Cru Chablis and the beautiful Garnacha Blanca wines from the Catalonia region of Spain. Partially fermented in stainless steel barrels to retain an edge and mineral focus, thus keeping the wine bright on the palate… Very aromatic, light but right in the mouth, and a clean, dry, mineral driven finish. Anise and citrus flowers on the nose. Melon, dried citron and lemon zest on the palate. Fantastic with cheeses and should fill out over the next few years. One sip will easily lead to another.

Like her Grenache Blanc counterpart, Lauren also hopes to “fill out” over the next few years (figuratively, not literally– though it might not be easy with all of the food and wine consumption!).  Her long-term objective still remains somewhat elusive, but instead of focusing on that, she is instead focusing on visiting local wineries and restaurants, learning the ins and outs of the wine industry… and of course, tasting a lot of great wine! Seeking to match the layers and versatility of the GB grape, Lauren is trying to wear a variety of “hats” and to take on new projects and challenges– including this new task of writing about wine.  She hopes that “one sip” will indeed lead to another… Cheers!